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When one talks of wilderness hunting, Montana?s vast wild mountains certainly come to mind. Montana is home to huge tracts of wild and unspoiled wilderness areas that hold some unparalleled hunting opportunity. Most sportsmen looking for a Montana hunting experience come here for elk and for good reason. However, mule deer and whitetail deer abound as to pronghorn. Some of the biggest bighorn sheep ever taken have come from Montana in recent years and there is more moose and mountain goat hunting opportunity in Montana than any other western state.

With such a wide array of hunting opportunity, Montana offers a diverse selection of hunting guides and outfitters. Many of these hunting guides operate camps deep in the wilderness areas of the state while others operate out of comfortable lodges and ranches. There are huge tracts of private land, especially in the eastern portion of the state, that offer unpressured hunting opportunity, while the mountainous regions offer the opportunity to experience true wilderness hunt.

Though pronghorn, moose, goat and sheep permits require a drawing application, permits for elk and deer can be guaranteed for those contracting with a Montana elk guide or deer guide. A hunter just needs to contact one of these Montana Outfitters early in the year to secure their permit. Contact HuntersTrailhead if you would like help in selecting a Montana Hunting Guide for your next hunt.

Montana Hunting Company 406-585-9051 Details
Bear Paw Outfitters 509-684-6294 Details
7-V Ranch 406-557-2845
A Lazy H Outfitters 406-466-5564
Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters 406-579-3866
Anchor Outfitting 406-537-4485
Anchor P Outfitters 406-547-2419
Armells Creek Outfitters 406-464-2281
Avalanche Basin Outfitters 406-547-3962
B & D Outfitters 406-752-7842
Backcountry Montana Outfitters 406-684-5104
BDJ Outfitters 406-544-4021
Bear Paw Hunts, Inc 406-945-2050
Bear Paw Mountain Outfitters 406-395-4515
Beardsley Outfitting 406-682-7292
Beartooth Plateau Outfitters 406-445-2293
Beaver Creek Outfitters 406-538-2341
Big Buck Outfitters 307-751-0448
Big Salmon Outfitters 406-676-3999
Big Timber Guides 406-932-4080
Big "M" Outfitters 406-859-3746
Billingsley Ranch Outfitters 406-367-5577
Birch Creek Outfitters 406-547-2107
Bitterroot Outfitters 406-363-0403
Black Mountain Outfitters 406-222-7455
Black Otter Guide Service 406-333-4362
Blast & Cast Outfitters 406-682-4420
Blue Rock Outfitters 308-550-1136
Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch 406-745-4466
Bridger Outfitters 406-388-4463
Borken Arrow Lodge and Outfitters 406-842-5437
Broken Hart Ranch 406-763-4279
Bullseye Outfitting 406-827-4932
Burke Ranch Outfitters 406-228-9727
Butler Outfitting 406-684-5771
Butte Creek Outfitters 406-427-5424
Cabin Creek Outfitters 406-821-0247
Cabinet Mountain Outfitters 406-826-3970
Cat Track Outfitters 406-347-5499
Cedar Breaks Outfitting 406-436-2473
Centennial Outfitters 406-276-3463
Central Montana Outfitters 406-781-9061
Channel Outfitters 406-837-3565
Chase Hill Outfitters 406-386-2447
Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters 406-644-2557
Chimney Rock Outfitters 406-222-2977
Circle KBL Outfitters 406-821-0017
Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures 406-826-7770
Coulter Creek Outfitters 406-563-4218
Cottonwood Outfitters 406-232-4910
Covered Wagon Outfitters 406-995-4771
Crazy Mountain Outfitters & Guides 406-686-4648
Crow Creek Outfitters & Guides 406-267-3458
Deep Creek Outfitters 406-866-3316
Diamond Hitch Outfitters 406-683-5494
Diamond R Guest Ranch 406-862-5905
DL Elk Outfitters 406-468-2642
Dog Creek Outfitters 406-462-5612
Dome Mountain Outfitters 406-333-4361
Donohoe Outfitting 406-328-6291
Elk Creek Outfitters 406-578-2216
Elk Creek Outfitting 406-847-5593
Elk Ridge Outfitters 406-578-2379
Flatwillow Creek Outfitters 406-429-5601
Flying Diamond Guide Service 406-222-1748
Fort Musselshell Outfitters 406-429-2900
Landwehr Outfitters 406-892-2377
Hidden Hollow Hideaway 406-266-3322
Hidden Valley Outfitters 406-795-8286
Hunters Montana 406-782-2382
ICR Outfitters 406-682-7223
Cargill Outfitting 406-494-2960
J & J Guide Service 406-775-8891
Jake's Horses 406-995-4630
JM Bar Outfitters 406-825-3230
Joe Cantrell Outfitters 406-649-2566
Jumpinghorse Outfitting 406-682-4387
K Lazy 3 Outfitters 406-932-6793
L Diamond E Outfitting 406-825-6295
Lake Upsata Outfitters 406-793-5890
Linehan Outfitting 406-295-4872
Lone Willow Creek Guide Service 406-222-7584
Lost Creek Outfitting 406-423-5406
Lost Fork Ranch 406-684-5191
M.A.D Outfitting 406-356-7238
Majestic Mountain Outfitters 970-944-2263
Mark Young Outfitters 406-562-3250
Marks Montana Trophy Hunts 406-222-7155
Marks Montana Trophy Hunts 406-222-7155
McDonough Outfitters 406-235-4428
Milk River Outfitters 406-648-5494
Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana 406-562-3576
Mitchell Outfitting 406-436-2522
Mon-Dak Outfitters 605-797-4539
Montana Guide Service 406-848-7265
Montana High Country Outfitters 406-847-2279
Montana High Country Tours, Inc. 406-834-3469
Montana Hunting and Fishing Adventures 406-363-3510
Montana OutWest Outfitters 406-360-9569
Montana Professional Hunters, Ltd. 406-494-3909
Montana Safaris 406-466-2004
Montana Whitetails, Inc. 717-512-3582
Montana Wilderness Outfitters 406-538-6516
Monte's Guiding & Mountain Outfitting 406-266-3515
Northern Rockies Outfitters, Ltd. 406-756-2544
Perkins Outfitters 406-232-1194
Pigeye Basin Outfitters 406-423-5332
Pioneer Outfitter 406-832-3128
Ponderosa Outfitters 406-972-4571
Powder River Outfitters 406-436-2538
Rawhide Guide Service 406-547-2485
Redbone Outfitting 406-370-5419
Rich Ranch Outfitting & Guest Ranch 406-677-2317
Rising Son Outfitters 406-333-4624
Rocky Outfitters, Inc. 406-747-5051
Royal Outfitters 406-288-3819
Royal Tine Outfitters 406-859-5138
Rugg's Outfitting LLC 406-822-4240
S & W Outfitters 406-995-2658
Sage & Sun Outfitters 406-354-7461
Sage Mountian Outfitters 406-492-6108
Sagebrush Outfitters 406-674-5271
Salmon Forks Outfitters, Inc. 406-892-5468
Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters 406-622-3210
Silver Bow Outfitters 406-293-4868
Sizzlin S Outfitters 406-951-3011
Skyline Guest Ranch & Guide Service, Inc. 406-838-2380
SNS Outfitter & Guide Service 307-266-4229
Spotted Bear Ranch 406-862-4444
Sun Canyon Lodge & Outfitting 406-562-3654
Sunday Creek Outfitters 406-581-2717
Swan Mountain Outfitters, LLC 406-886-3900
Thunder Bow Outfitters 406-754-2701
Trail Creek Lodge 989-876-6278
Tri Mountain Outfitters 406-547-2177
Triple T Outfitters 406-234-4168
Trophies Plus Outfitters 406-828-4512
Trophies West 406-587-4868
Tulloch Creek Ranch 406-342-5514
Upper Canyon Outfitters 406-842-5884
Venture West Hunting Company 406-227-8004
Weare's Outfitting 406-295-5881
White Mountain Outfitters 406-961-4615
Wild West Outfitters 406-439-3030
Wilderness Outfitters 406-728-0550
Willow Ranch Outfitting 406-570-6651
Wolfpack Outfitters Inc. 406-682-4827
WTR Outfitters LLC 406-793-5666
Yellowstone Mountain Guides 406-646-7230