Paid Outfitter Fees Program

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  • Create an account and choose your hunts. Once in the system, we can take it from there or you can handle the management of your applications yourself.
  • Annual Renewals will be automatically processed on your membership anniversary date. Upon drawing your tag, no additional fees are required.
  • Price Increases will not effect your annual renewal rate. As the cost of guided hunts increases, the rate to add new members or additional species may increase, but your established selections will remain constant until you draw your tag.
  • Premiums

    Application Services

  • The HuntersTrailhead application team will handle the entire application process, monitor your bonus points and notify you of draw results. Or you can choose to manage your own applications.
  • Application Services: Utilize the HuntersTrailhead application service, and we will pay for your hunting license. When drawn, HuntersTrailhead will initially cover the permit fee but must be reimbursed before a hunt will be booked.
  • Application Service Rates are $10 for each species.
  • Bonus Points: Hunters with high numbers of bonus points can still join the program. You will be asked to declare the number of points you have for each species in your portfolio.
  • Hunt Selections

  • Species: Elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, bison, moose, and mountain goat are all included. Select 3 pathway 5 hunts and all other pathway 5 hunts can be added at no additional cost.
  • Available Units: Most of the hunting units are included. You can specify the specific unit or have the HuntersTrailhead application experts choose the unit that best fits your expectations.
  • Unit Consultations: As a member of the Paid Outfitter Fees program you are entitled to free consultations about your species and unit selections.
  • Pathways

    Outfitter Selection

  • Recommended Outfitters HuntersTrailhead has developed strong relationships with our recommended outfitters. You are encouraged to research these outfitters and contact them upon drawing your tag.
  • Program Outfitters have agreements with HuntersTrailhead. All hunts will be at least 5 days and include: lodging, meals, 1x1 guide, and other legal requirements.
  • Non Program Outfitters can be used, but hunt rates can not be guaranteed. Additional rates and fees will be the hunters responsibility. We also can't guarantee any aspects of a hunt with a non Paid Outfitter Fees program outfitter.
  • Booking Fees HuntersTrailhead will pay the booking fees for your hunt to the outfitter of your choice.
  • Program Outfitters

    Changes to Portfolio

  • Changing Application Instructions: Changes to your application instructions (unit choice, weapon, adding a species, etc) can be made anytime up until your application is in the Paid Outfitter Fees application queue. Once in the queue, no further changes can be made. Historically the application deadline has been early March each year. We will be targeting to have all applications submitted at least one week ahead of this deadline.
  • Annual Updates can be made at any time after your membership has been renewed. Continuing consultations are available as needed. We can discuss any part of your application strategy, previous results and future options.