Paid Outfitter Fees Program

A Few Client Testimonials

Paid Outfitter Fees Monster Moose

"Knowing that I would need help with my once in a lifetime moose hunt, I decided to signup with Hunters Trailhead Paid Outfitters Fees program. Having applied for 23 years, my number finally came up. Jon was a wealth of information and he hooked me up with an outfitter that would fit my needs. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good and so as they say the rest is history. My first day bull was more than I expected and my guided hunt cost less than $900. Thanks Jon for your help.". . . Ned B.

Paid Outfitter Fees LaSal Bull

"The Paid Outfitter Fees program was a no brainer for me. At my point level, I knew that I was only a few years out from drawing my tag. Even paying a higher rate for a few years made sense as I was still saving a lot on my guided hunt. Upon drawing my tag, I booked my hunt with the program recommended outfitter Black Timber Outfitters. The results were fantastic!". . . Shane W.

Paid Outfitter Fees Bighorn

"When I first learned about the Paid Outfitter Fees program, I knew that I wanted to use it for my Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep application. When I drew with only 4 points, I was more than shocked. I researched and spoke with several program outfitters but ultimately chose a non-program outfitter for my once in a lifetime hunt.". . . Chris H.

Paid Outfitter Fees Boulder Bull

Over the years, my dad has consulted with HuntersTrailhead on numerous elk hunts. Being a college student with a limited budget, the Paid Outfitter Fees program made complete sense to me. I was unexpectedly awarded a surrendered Boulder Mountains/Kiaparowits late season elk tag 45 days before the season started. Booking my hunt with Mecham Outfitters was the best choice I could have made. . . . Michaela H.

First Bull Elk

After several unsuccessful elk hunts, I inquired with Jon Crump at HuntersTrailhead about a rifle elk hunt during the rut. After many great conversations with Jon, I decided to pursue my dream of taking a large bull, and I booked the hunt in Utah!! On the very first morning of the hunt I was fortunate to harvest a beautiful 360" bull on what I consider "the hunt of a lifetime"!! This hunt was absolutely 100% of everything that Jon said it would be, and I would recommend Jon Crump and HuntersTrailhead to anyone looking for a spectacular experience with superior quality elk!!. . . . John Borrowman

North Slope Moose

When I drew a Moose tag in Utah I hired Jon Crump as my guide. While in camp we spent some time discussing my future application options and strategies. Learning that Jon also operated the application service HuntersTrailhead I decided to switch from another service and utilize Jon's knowledge and experience. I will continue to use this service for my applications moving forward. I have also joined the Paid Outfitter Fees for all of my Utah applications. I believe you will not find a more honest and personable guy in the business. . . . John Johnson

A Double on Big Bulls

Life continues to bless us with some very special people. Our passion for the outdoors led us to Jon 12 years ago. From that day, we knew Jon was one of those special people we would be fortunate to know along our journey in life and the hunting world. Jon's knowledge of options available for each state/species and the hunting industry in general is extraordinary. We look to him for guidance on all our hunting adventures. If you are looking for a very experienced person to guide you along your hunting journey, give Jon a call. You will not be disappointed!!. . . . Jared & Ashley Anderson

Once In A Lifetime Ram

With HuntersTrailhead Application Service, I have been able to realize my hunting dreams. With their knowledge and experience, I never have worry about tag deadlines or if I am applying for the right unit. It is nice to know that I am not just another number with Jon and the team at HuntersTrailhead. I have harvested exceptional trophy animals and made lasting hunting friendships with the Guides and Outfitters he recommended. . . . Kevin Langlois